(1) Troubleshooting and Repair

If your machine is down, or is misbehaving, calling us is your best bet. We have tons of experience with controllers (PC & PLC), field buses, I/O devices, mechanical, electrical, and various motion approaches. We have decades of experience with industrial automation. Let's get your machine working properly again.


(2) Overcoming Obsolete Hardware

Manufacturers regularly update their products as new technology comes online. It is inevitable that your new machine will end up with  hardware that you can no longer buy from the OEM or the manufacturer. Rest assured your interests are our interests. Nothing is off the table including the following:

  • procuring obsolete hardware on the secondary market.
  • repairing defective hardware.
  • replacing the current hardware with the direct replacement from the manufacturer.

Each option has it's pros and cons. We have no bias towards any possible options. You'll make the call on what you want.

(3) Software Backup

Losing your code blows! Hardware can, and sometimes does fail. PLCs, PCs, vision systems, stepper drives, servo drives, VFDs, and safety controllers (to name a few hardware types) MUST be backed up. Meaning your hardware has "software" that is unique to each device in each machine. Regardless if the software is called logic, or parameters, or configuration, or settings, or whatever, you must have a backup. If you do not have a backup, after a hardware failure you can experience very, very long down times, which can be super painful. Let us back up all the devices in your machine to allow you to recover from any hardware failure quickly.

 (4) Machine Modification

You have an idea of how the machine you have can work better. Great! Everything is possible; the only limiting factor is cost. Let's chat to figure out if realizing your idea is a venture that makes sense for your operation. Practically speaking we can modify the program in the controller, add sensors, and actuators, and make reasonable mechanical alterations.


 (5) Automation Training

We have a firm grasp on all manners of industrial automation, and have a knack for explaining how it all works. We are offering any custom tailored training your heart desires. Let's figure out your needs. Practically speaking this service can consist of your choice of the following:

  • Documentation Creation - This can include "how to" procedures, and/or theory as it relates directly to your machines.
  • Training Delivery on Site - We will show all the ins and outs of your machines to your staff. All questions are answered, no holding back of any info. Hands-on work included.

Call us so we can train ourselves out of a job.


(6) Mechanical

We are a collection of controls guys, however, we have ample mechanical experience. When we are on-site working on your machine, you will never hear us say "sorry bud, it's mechanical... call me when the mechanical is sorted out". If we are on the case, we will roll up our sleeves and get 'er done. We are not beyond getting our hands dirty. The mechanical service is part and parcel of troubleshooting. This service is not a stand alone service, meaning, we should not be first on your Rolodex when you need exclusively mechanical work done.


(7) Automation Assistance

We know automation. Do you need advice? A second opinion? Planning to implement a program related to your automation? Feel free to reach out to us. You are welcome to discuss anything automation related you have in mind. Nothing is off limits. We can audit your critical spare parts, suggest avenues for redundancy, discuss preventative maintenance programs, prepare for machine replacement, whatever you need. Furthermore, we are not tied to any brand, manufacturer, and we don't have any sales quotas to meet. Do you want honesty? Call us.